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I: Each chamber determines, with the click of a button, which charities are 'featured' charities from your chamber's admin area. This means that their charity name and logo will rotate through along with the other 'featured' charities. Some chambers choose to designate all charities that are also members of the chamber as 'featured' charities. But again, that's up to your chamber.

J: Each charity that has an approved presence on your chamber's ChamberForGood website can post events to the 'Charity Events' calendar. Additionally, you, as a chamber, can post events from local for-profit businesses that are benefiting local charities and causes. This serves as your community's key event calendar for any and all events that benefit local charities and causes.

K: Driving traffic to your ChamberForGood website is what makes the system valuable to the participating charities and to the supporting sponsors. One of the key ways to ensure high visibility for your ChamberForGood website is to have local media partners (newspapers, radio stations and tv stations, etc) regularly promote the "Give Local" cause. In return for promoting your ChamberForGood website, their logo will appear in the "Media Partners" box ensuring that they are acknowledged for their critical support. Asking a media partner to support a clearinghouse of local charities is not a difficult ask. Typically, they're eager to be associated with such a community-oriented cause - particularly when there is no cost for charities to join.

L: Non-dues revenue. Powerful words in the chamber world. Depending on the level your chamber buys, you'll have from 1 to 4 sponsorship spots that you can sell. Typically, these spots are sold for $500 to $1,000. But again, that's your decision. Many businesses love to be associated with such a philanthropic-oriented program. Chamber Dynamics reserves the use of a 5th spot for national partners as a way to further promote the ChamberForGood brand.

M: Residents can enter their email address here and be notified of any new charity needs that have been posted. The email goes out each Monday afternoon and is branded with your chamber's logo. Through the use of this automated communication, your chamber becomes relevant to a large element of your community that may not currently engage with your chamber. Also, once a 'Flash Cause' is posted, it will automatically be emailed out to all that have entered their email address. Through this simple, yet essential communication tool, your chamber is seen as a critical community-builder not only by local businesses, but by residents and organizations that are sincerely interested in building their community and supporting the causes and charities that make such an impact.

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