When it comes to a strong chamber of commerce, its all about
business relevance & community engagement.

By connecting residents and businesses to local charities and causes serving local needs, Chamber for Good puts your local chamber at the forefront of the Give Local movement and makes your chamber the champion of the backyard cause. While accumulating non-dues revenue, your chamber will not only become more business-relevant but you will also become community-essential.

And since your chamber can become a Chamber for Good at no cost, there is no reason to not join the cause today!

Who wins with Chamber For Good?

  • Local Charities/Local Causes: Many of the greatest charities & causes labor in the shadows of some of the great, larger, national charities. Yet these same local charities & causes generally focus on local needs with the vast majority of their efforts staying within the community. When you become a Chamber for Good you provided them a place to post their needs and information about their organization within a portal that is supported and promoted by local businesses, local media partners and local municipalities.
  • Philanthropic Residents & Corporate Donors: While many giving individuals and organizations would love to support local causes, it can be difficult to find the smaller, locally-focused charities & causes since they do not have the marketing budgets that are required to raise their visibility. Chamber for Good is your community's clearinghouse where residents can view charitable financial, volunteer and item needs and become acquainted with the great local charities & causes that make such an impact on your community every day.
  • Local Media Partners: Local newspapers are particularly interested in being relevant to the community they serve. They are eager to play the key role in promoting Chamber for Good in its quest to raise the visibility of those organizations in our communities doing the most good. Having their organization represented on the media partner rotating banner shows their commitment to the community.
  • Business Partners: Many of the larger members of a chamber of commerce do not necessarily look to the chamber to increase its bottom line, but rather they look for opportunities to promote locally-focused efforts that reinforce their desired image of community involvement. Having their organization publicly associated with the cause of promoting local charitable organizations and great causes is a marketing investment that certainly achieves that aim.
  • Chamber Members: Knowing that they are part of an organization that serves not only businesses, but the community as a whole inspires a pride in their membership and serves as a noble reason to join the chamber and support the cause.
  • Your Chamber of Commerce: The very characteristics that make a chamber the best possible promoter of "Buy Local" also position it as the potential leader of the "Give Local" movement. Rather than watching, then supporting, other organizations assume this role, ChamberForGood.com harnesses the strengths, relationships and energy of your chamber of commerce and places you firmly on the crest of the growing wave of community-based, community-targeted philanthropy. There is no quicker, more effective way to put your chamber of commerce in the best possible light with your business AND non-business community than by joining the cause and becoming a chamber for good. Becoming the central, indispensable player in your communities' philanthropic activity cloaks your chamber in a noble aura that can leave no doubt among your entire community as to the need to see that your chamber is supported, respected and cheered on.

    In addition to the increased visibility, respect and relevance your chamber will receive, you can also benefit from additional non-dues revenue with minimal effort. As has been said many times before, you can do well by doing good!