Chamber for Good Tour

Chamber for Good Tour

Our virtual tour of Chamber for Good breaks down each area of our dynamic website and explains how we have streamlined the process to connect local donors, businesses, charities, and needs.





A: As philanthropic residents and organizations come to the national homepage of ChamberForGood, they're reminded that chambers of commerce play a critical role in building communities. Each giver interested in supporting local causes and charities will be reminded of the importance of their local chamber of commerce as a facilitator of productive relationships.

B: We want givers to get to your chamber-specific ChamberForGood website as quickly as possible. Each state is listed by name and represented on the US map making it easy to get to the individual state.

C: Once a giver clicks on a state, your ChamberForGood website will be listed by chamber as well as by community. We do this because many residents that do not have a business affiliation may identify more with the community name than with the chamber name. Again, the goal is get them to your Chamber-specific page as quickly as possible.



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