Chamber for Good Tour

D: The tagline of each ChamberForGood website will contain the community or communities served by the chamber. It is important that givers feel the hyper local focus of ChamberForGood.

E: Your ChamberForGood website will be branded with your chamber's logo. This ensures the goodwill associated with the ChamberForGood movement will be applied to your chamber of commerce.

F: Local charities are not only interested in cash donations. Many are eager to receive volunteer and in-kind support as well. Furthermore, many local givers are eager to support charitable causes in their community but would prefer to support them through volunteering or in-kind donations. You'll notice there are three "trail heads" for giving. Residents can browse charitable needs by trailhead and focus on the needs within each.

G: In addition to the browse function within each of the trail heads, residents can be proactive in their giving. Rather than browsing the needs of the local charities as they arise, residents can make "offers". For example, a local business that just upgraded its furniture can click on "offer items" and post an offer of 12 office chairs that are no longer needed. They can choose to have the offer go to all charities in the local system or they can choose to have the offer sent only to certain charitable categories within the local system (such as 'children' 'art and culture' or 'environment'). A local business is eager to have its employees have a volunteer day. They can post a "volunteer offer" and state that they're looking for a service project on a certain date for a certain period of time, then submit it. Instantaneously the offer goes out to all charities in the local system or to specific categories of charities. Both the passive and the proactive mechanisms put your ChamberForGood website at the center of all local giving.

H: This is where your chamber can post "Flash Causes" (done in your chamber admin area). When there is no "Flash Cause" posted, you'll see the place holder with your logo (as is shown). A "Flash Cause" is a cause that needs immediate attention by your community for a time sensitive community need. Whether it's a local disaster or a community member in need, the "Flash Cause" makes your chamber the authoritative communicator of local, immediate needs. When a new "Flash Cause" is posted, an email automatically goes out to all individuals and organizations that have entered their email addresses below. The email is cobranded with the ChamberForGood and your chamber's logo.

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