At Chamber Dynamics our goal has always been to provide a fully functional Chamber for Good system to each and every chamber at NO COST and without being a drain on staff time and resources.

That said, there are chambers that want to maximize the non-dues revenue potential and don't mind allocating staff time and focus to the project as they ramp up and manage their Chamber for Good.

You choose which approach makes sense for your chamber, but which ever you choose we're excited to have you join the movement!

No Cost, No Hassle
Self-Managed, Revenue Generator
Who coordinates the launch & ongoing administration? (In other words, how much work is involved?) Chamber Dynamics works with your designated liaison and local charities to launch and manage your Chamber for Good. We are the project manager, which allows you to stay focused on other priorities while still reaping the benefits of becoming a Chamber for Good. Your chamber would coordinate the ramp-up process, trainings and publicity programs as well as any ongoing administrative functions. We provide you with a great step by step program along with sample emails and press releases.
What does it cost? $0 $295, $495 or $795 per year
What about non-dues revenue? Chamber Dynamics covers our ongoing expenses by making four sponsorship spots available to your chamber membership. 10 to 15% of revenue generated is returned to your chamber. Your chamber earns the amount you charge for your sponsorship spots minus the annual fee you pay to Chamber Dynamics.
How long is the agreement? You choose, 2 or 3 years. A 3-year agreement earns your chamber 15% of sponsorship revenue per year, while a 2-year agreement earns your chamber 10% of sponsorship revenue per year. One year agreement - you can renew annually.
What are the next steps?
  1. Complete Chamber Information Page
  2. Half-page worksheet & service agreement are automatically emailed to you.
  3. Once you complete/sign, scan and email to us, your Chamber for Good goes live and we get to work.
  1. Complete Chamber Information Page
  2. Select level ($295, $495 or $795) and agree to terms & conditions
  3. Select/Process payment option.
  4. Once payment is verified, your Chamber for Good site will be live. You will receive a step by step instruction sheet on ramping up your Chamber for Good program along with several sample letters, emails.
Next Step: Chamber Information Page